The Tasks Tab

The Tasks tab has two panes. The upper pane displays histograms of metrics for the tasks and task attempts in the selected job. The lower pane displays a table that lists the tasks and primary task attempts in the selected job. Tasks can be in any of the following states:


The table of tasks also lists the following information for each task:

  • Task ID. Click the link to display a table with information about the task attempts for this task.
  • Task type:
    • M: Map
    • R: Reduce
    • TC: Task Cleanup
    • JS: Job Setup
    • JC: Job Cleanup
  • Primary task attempt ID. Click the link to display the task attempt pane for this task attempt.
  • Task starting timestamp
  • Task ending timestamp
  • Task duration
  • Host locality
  • Node running the task. Click the link to display the Node Properties pane for this node.

You can select the following task histogram metrics for this job from the drop-down selector:

  • Task Duration
  • Task Attempt Duration
  • Task Attempt Local Bytes Read
  • Task Attempt Local Bytes Written
  • Task Attempt MapR-FS Bytes Read
  • Task Attempt MapR-FS Bytes Written
  • Task Attempt Garbage Collection Time
  • Task Attempt CPU Time
  • Task Attempt Physical Memory Bytes
  • Task Attempt Virtual Memory Bytes
  • Map Task Attempt Input Records
  • Map Task Attempt Output Records
  • Map Task Attempt Skipped Records
  • Map Task Attempt Input Bytes
  • Map Task Attempt Output Bytes
  • Reduce Task Attempt Input Groups
  • Reduce Task Attempt Shuffle Bytes
  • Reduce Task Attempt Input Records
  • Reduce Task Attempt Output Records
  • Reduce Task Attempt Skipped Records
  • Task Attempt Spilled Records
  • Combined Task Attempt Input Records
  • Combined Task Attempt Output Records

Uncheck the Show Map Tasks box to hide map tasks. Uncheck the Show Reduce Tasks box to hide reduce tasks. Check the Show Setup/Cleanup Tasks box to display job and task setup and cleanup tasks. Histogram filtering and zoom work in the same way as the Jobs pane.