Tables View

The Tables view displays a list of tables in the cluster.

The New Table button displays a field where you can enter the path to a new table to create from the MCS.

Click the name of a table from the Tables view to display the table detail view.

From the table detail view, click Delete Table to delete this table.

The table detail view has the following tabs:

  • Column Families
  • Regions

The Column Families tab displays the following information:

  • Column Family Name
  • Max Versions
  • Min Versions
  • Compression
  • Time-to-Live
  • In Memory

Click the Edit Column Family button to change these values. Click the Delete Column Family button to delete the selected column families.

The Regions tab displays the following information:

  • Start Key - The first key in the region range.
  • End Key - The last key in the region range.
  • Physical Size - The physical size of the region with compression.
  • Logical Size - The logical size of the region without compression.
  • # Rows - The number of rows stored in the region.
  • Primary Node - The region's original source for storage and computation.
  • Secondary Nodes - The region's replicated sources for storage and computation.
  • Last HB - The time interval since the last data communication with the region's primary node.
  • Region Identifier - The tablet region identifier.