MapR-FS and Available Disks Pane

The MapR-FS and Available Disks pane displays the disks on the node and information about each disk.

Information headings include:

  • Status - the status of the disk (healthy, failed, or offline)
  • Mount - whether the disk is mounted (indicated by ) or unmounted
  • Device - the device name
  • File System - the file system on the disk
  • Used - the percentage of memory used out of total memory available on the disk
  • Model # - the model number of the disk
  • Serial # - the serial number of the disk
  • Firmware Version - the version of the firmware being used
  • Add to MAPR-FS - clicking the adds the disk to MAPR-FS storage
  • Remove from MAPR-FS - clicking the displays a dialog that asks you to verify that you want to remove the disk

If you confirm by clicking OK, and data on that disk has not been replicated, a warning dialog appears:

For more information on disk status, and the proper procedure for adding, removing, and replacing disks, see the Managing Disks page.