Table-Replication Alarms

You can view table-replication alarms in any of these locations:


Alarms for replication appear on the Volume Properties window in the MapR Control Service (MCS). They appear on that screen because they are issued per volume rather than per source table. An alarm indicates that one or more source tables in a volume have encountered problems.

To open the Volume Properties window for a volume:

    1. Select Volumes under MapR-FS in the Navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
    2. On the right side of the screen, select one of the listed volumes. The Volume Properties window opens.


You can also view the alarms by using the maprcli alarm list command.

Log files

The log files mfs.log-5 and cldb.log also display these alarms. These files are located in the directory /opt/mapr/logs.

Alarms display the paths and names of the source tables for which the alarms were issued. You can look up the error that is specific to the source table either in MCS or by using the command maprcli table replica list .