Snapshots Dialog

The Snapshots dialog displays the following information about snapshots for the specified volume:

  • Snapshot Name - The name of the snapshot.
  • Disk Used - The total amount of logical storage held by the snapshot. Since the current volume and all of its snapshots will often have storage held in common, the total disk usage reported will often exceed the total storage used by the volume. The value reported in this field is the size the snapshot would have if the difference between the snapshot and the volume's current state is 100%.
  • Created - The date and time the snapshot was created.
  • Expires - The snapshot expiration date and time.


  • New Snapshot - Displays the Snapshot Name dialog.
  • Remove - When the checkboxes beside one or more snapshots are selected, displays the Remove Snapshots dialog.
  • Preserve - When the checkboxes beside one or more snapshots are selected, prevents the snapshots from expiring.
  • Close - Closes the dialog.

New Snapshot

The Create New Snapshot dialog lets you specify the name for a new snapshot you are creating.

The Snapshot Name dialog creates a new snapshot with the name specified in the following field:

  • Name For New Snapshot(s) - the new snapshot name


  • OK - creates a snapshot with the specified name
  • Cancel - exits without creating a snapshot

Remove Snapshots

The Remove Snapshots dialog prompts you for confirmation before removing the specified snapshot or snapshots.


  • Yes - removes the snapshot or snapshots
  • No - exits without removing the snapshot or snapshots