volume snapshot list

Displays info about a set of snapshots.

You can specify the snapshots by volumes or paths, or by specifying a filter to select volumes with certain characteristics.


maprcli volume snapshot list
    [ -cluster <cluster name> ]
    [ -columns <fields> ]
    ( -filter <filter> ]
    [ -path <volume path list> ] 
    [ -volume <volume list> ]
    [ -limit <rows> ]
    [ -output (terse|verbose) ]
    [ -start <offset> ]


Either volume or path can be used if you wish to specify the snapshots. In addition, filter can be used with volume or path, or independently.

Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
columns A comma-separated list of fields to return in the query. See the Fields table below. Default: none
filter A filter specifying snapshots to list. See Filters for more information.
limit The number of rows to return, beginning at start. Default: 2147483647
output Specifies whether the output should be terse or verbose. Default: verbose
path A comma-separated list of paths for which to list snapshots.
start The offset from the starting row. Default: 0
volume A comma-separated list of volumes for which to list snapshots.


The following table lists the fields used in the columns parameter, and returned as output.

Field Name Short Name Description
snapshotid id Unique snapshot ID.
snapshotname n Snapshot name.
volumeid vid ID of the volume associated with the snapshot.
volumename vn Name of the volume associated with the snapshot.
volumepath vp Path to the volume associated with the snapshot.
ownername on Owner (user or group) associated with the volume.
ownertype ot Owner type for the owner of the volume:
  • 0=user
  • 1=group
cumulativeReclaimSizeMB cs Disk space used for the snapshot, in MB.
creationtime ct Snapshot creation time. Date time string (verbose output) or milliseconds since 1970 (terse output).
expirytime et Snapshot expiration time. Date time string (verbose output), or milliseconds since 1970 (terse output); 0 = never expires.
volumeSnapshotAces N/A ACE Permissions for read and write on the volume snapshot.


This sample output is based on using the following code to create a snapshot called uservolume for the volume named users.

maprcli volume snapshot create -snapshotname uservolsnap -volume users

Sample Output

# maprcli volume snapshot list
cumulativeReclaimSizeMB  creationtime                  ownername  snapshotid  volumeSnapshotAces  snapshotname  volumeid  volumename  ownertype  volumepath  
0                        Wed Nov 02 14:43:11 PDT 2016  mapr       256000049   ...                 uservolsnap   7598647   users       1          /user       
Note: Only the cumulative snapshot size is available. Individual snapshot size is not available.


List all snapshots:

maprcli volume snapshot list