volume snapshot preserve

Preserves one or more snapshots from expiration.

Specify the snapshots by volumes, paths, filter, or IDs.

  • License required: Enterprise Edition
  • Permissions required: fc or m on the volume


maprcli volume snapshot preserve
    [ -cluster <cluster> ]
    ( -filter <filter> ] 
    [ -path <volume path list> ] 
    [ -snapshots <snapshot list> ] 
    [ -volume <volume list> ]


Specify exactly one of the following parameters: volume, path, filter, or snapshots.

Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
filter A filter specifying snapshots to preserve. See Filters for more information.
path A comma-separated list of paths for which to preserve snapshots.
snapshots A comma-separated list of snapshot IDs to preserve.
volume A comma-separated list of volumes for which to preserve snapshots.


Preserve two snapshots by ID:

First, use volume snapshot list to get the IDs of the snapshots you wish to preserve. Example:

# maprcli volume snapshot list
creationtime   ownername  snapshotid  snapshotname                                   expirytime     diskspaceused  volumeid  volumename                 ownertype  volumepath
1296788400768  dummy      363         ATS-Run-2011-01-31-160018.2011-02-03.19-00-00  1296792000001  1063191        362       ATS-Run-2011-01-31-160018  1          /dummy
1296789308786  dummy      364         ATS-Run-2011-01-31-160018.2011-02-03.19-15-02  1296792902057  753010         362       ATS-Run-2011-01-31-160018  1          /dummy
1296790200677  dummy      365         ATS-Run-2011-01-31-160018.2011-02-03.19-30-00  1296793800001  0              362       ATS-Run-2011-01-31-160018  1          /dummy

Use the IDs in the volume snapshot preserve command. For example, to preserve the first two snapshots in the above list, run the commands as follows:

maprcli volume snapshot preserve -snapshots 363,364