Packages and Dependencies for MapR Software

This page contains details about packages and dependencies for the MapR software and Hadoop ecosystem components for the MapR version 5.1 release. The Package Dependencies section lists the non-MapR packages that the MapR distribution depends on. The Node Roles, Packages and Dependencies section lists the packages that contain each MapR component, and their dependencies.

Package Dependencies

This section contains dependencies for the MapR software for each supported version of Linux:
Packages and Dependencies for Oracle
Make sure that the following package is installed on each node:
  • mapr-compat-oel-
Package Dependencies for Red Hat and CentOS
Make sure the following packages are installed on each node:
  • bash
  • rpcbind
  • dmidecode
  • glibc
  • hdparm
  • initscripts
  • iputils
  • irqbalance
  • libgcc
  • libstdc++
  • nss version 3.19 or greater
  • perl
  • redhat-lsb-core
  • rpm-libs
  • sdparm
  • shadow-utils
  • syslinux
  • unzip
  • zip

On ZooKeeper nodes, nc is required for netcat. On nodes running the Metrics service, soci-mysql is required. Installing the Metrics service requires the presence of the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) repository.

Package Dependencies for SUSE
All package dependencies for Red Hat are also applicable for SUSE. Installing on SUSE also requires the following packages to be installed:
  • aaa_base
  • mapr-compat-suse-
Package Dependencies for Ubuntu
Make sure the following packages are installed on each node:
  • adduser
  • awk
  • bash
  • coreutils
  • dmidecode
  • dpkg-repack
  • grep
  • hdparm
  • iputils-arping
  • irqbalance
  • libc6
  • libgcc1
  • libstdc++6
  • lsb-base
  • nfs-common
  • perl
  • procps
  • sdparm
  • sed
  • syslinux
  • sysvinit-utils
  • unzip
  • zip
On ZooKeeper nodes, nc is required for netcat. If setting up a local repository, the following packages are required on the repository machine:
  • dpkg-dev
  • apache2

Node Roles, Packages and Dependencies

This section lists the roles (services) that you can install on a node, which package implements each specific role, and the dependencies for each role. Package files for Red Hat, CentOS, and SUSE distributions have extension *.rpm. Package files for the Ubuntu distribution have extension *.deb. The table lists package files ending in rpm only, but each package has an equivalent deb file for Ubuntu. The following table provides a list of MapR roles and the associated package for each role, as well as the dependency packages that each role requires.

Table 1.
Role Package Internal Dependencies
CLDB mapr-cldb-



MapR Client mapr-client- None
MapR Posix Client Basic mapr-posix-client-basic- mapr-client-
MapR Posix Client Platinum mapr-posix-client-platinum- mapr-client-
FileServer mapr-fileserver- mapr-core-
MapR Metrics mapr-metrics- mapr-core-
JobTracker mapr-jobtracker- mapr-core-



NFS mapr-nfs- mapr-core-
Loopback NFS mapr-loopbacknfs- None
MapR Single Node mapr-single-node-








TaskTracker mapr-tasktracker-




MapR Upgrade mapr-upgrade- mapr-core-
Webserver mapr-webserver- mapr-core-

If you plan to use MCS to set up and manage table replication: mapr-hbase-1.1.1.

MapR Core 5.1 GA mapr-core-





MapR Core Internal mapr-core-internal- None
Hadoop Core mapr-hadoop-core- mapr-core-internal-
MapR History Server mapr-historyserver- mapr-mapreduce2-
MapReduce1 mapr-mapreduce1- mapr-hadoop-core-
MapReduce2 mapr-mapreduce2- mapr-hadoop-core-
NodeManager mapr-nodemanager- mapr-mapreduce2-
ResourceManager mapr-resourcemanager- mapr-mapreduce2-
ZooKeeper mapr-zookeeper-



ZooKeeper Internal mapr-zk-internal- None
SuSe (for SuSe installs only) mapr-compat-suse- None