Configuring Browsers for SPNEGO

The following procedures are specific to the Firefox and Chromium browsers.


The following process configures your Firefox browser for SPNEGO connections. Note that these instructions are specific to Firefox version 40.0.3x; the details may differ slightly if you are using a different version:
  1. Open the Firefox configuration page by navigating to the address about:config.
  2. In the Search text field, enter network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris to bring up that property. Right-click on network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris and select Modify to edit the property and enter the hostnames of the web server nodes in your cluster as a comma-separated list.
  3. Click OK.

Chromium on Ubuntu

To configure the Chromium browser on Ubuntu for SPNEGO, edit the /etc/chromium-browser/default file and add the following property:
CHROMIUM_FLAGS="--user-data-dir --auth-server-whitelist=<web server host names>"

The --user-data-dir flag enables the root user to launch the browser. The --auth-server-whitelist flag specifies the web servers that support SPNEGO authentication.