Configure Hue to use MapR-SASL for YARN

As of Hue 3.7-1505, Hue can use MapR-SASL to communicate with YARN on a secure MapR cluster that is version MapR 4.0.1 or greater.

To configure Hue to use MapR-SASL for YARN, complete the following steps to in the [[yarn_clusters]] [[[default]]] section of the hue.ini:

  1. Verify that security_enabled=true or security_enabled=${security_enabled}
  2. Verify that mechanism=MAPR-SECURITY or mechanism=${mechanism}.
  3. Set ssl_cert_ca_verify=False.
    The changes are summarized in the following hue.ini file:
         # Change this if your YARN cluster is secured
         # Security mechanism of authentication none/GSSAPI/MAPR-SECURITY
         # In secure mode (HTTPS), if SSL certificates from Resource Manager's
         # Rest Server have to be verified against certificate authority
    Note: If security_enabled=True and mechanism=MAPR-SECURITY, MapR-SASL will still be used; however, no automatic configuration will occur.