Create a Kerberos Principal and a keytab File for WebHCat

Skip this task if you are not using WebHCat.

To enable WebHCat to use Kerberos, complete the following steps on the node where WebHCat is installed.

  1. Create the principal HTTP/<FQDN@REALM> for WebHCat and add the principal to the keytab file.
    For example:
    kadmin: addprinc -randkey HTTP/<FQDN@REALM>
    kadmin: xst -k /opt/mapr/HTTP.keytab HTTP/<FQDN>
  2. Verify the following:
    • The principal was added to the /opt/mapr/conf/HTTP.keytab file and that the file is only readable by the mapr user. For example:
      chown mapr /opt/mapr/conf/HTTP.keytab
    • The node where the WebHCat server is running has an HTTP user with a valid maprlogin password.