Sentry Policy File (Sentry in File-Based Mode)

The Sentry policy file contains privileges for users and groups that determines privileges on schema objects. You put this file in a designated MapR-FS location and then provide the file location when you configure Impala to use Sentry authorization. When Impala starts, it reads the file and controls what objects that users who connect to Impala can access and what operations they can perform on the objects. Impala caches the security information from in the policy file every five minutes. If you make significant changes to security policies, restart Impala so that the changes become effective immediately.

For more information about Sentry Policy file configuration, refer to Configuring Sentry.

Before You Begin

Before you can configure Impala for Sentry authorization, you must have Hive and Sentry installed and configured to work together.

The following table provides the MapR and component versions required when you want to configure Impala to use Sentry authorization:

Component Version
MapR 4.0.1
Impala 1.4.1
Sentry 1.4.0
Hive 0.13

The following documents provide installation and configuration information for Sentry and Hive: