Installing Storm

The following instructions explain how to install Storm using manual steps.

The following procedures use the operating system package managers to download and install Storm from the MapR Repository. For instructions on setting up the ecosystem repository (which includes Storm) or on installing this component manually from packages files, see Preparing Packages and Repositories.
Storm consists of four packages:
Package Description
mapr-storm The mapr-storm package is a dependency for the other three packages and is always installed when they are installed.
mapr-storm-nimbus Install mapr-storm-nimbus on one node in the Storm cluster. Nimbus is the Storm master daemon. The Nimbus and UI services can run on the same node or two different nodes.
mapr-storm-UI Install mapr-storm-ui on one node in the Storm cluster. The Nimbus and UI services can run on the same node or two different nodes.
mapr-storm-supervisor Install mapr-storm-supervisor on all nodes in the Storm cluster. Supervisors are the Storm worker daemons.
Note: The cluster may include many nodes that are not part of the Storm cluster. Nodes that run Storm services are considered to be part of the Storm cluster.
  1. Verify that the environment variable JAVA_HOME is set correctly. For example:# export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle
  2. Update the list of available packages:
    • On Ubuntu:
      apt-get update
    • On RedHat/CentOS:
      yum clean all
  3. Install the Supervisor package on all nodes in your Storm cluster:
    • On Ubuntu:
      apt-get install mapr-storm-supervisor
    • On RedHat/CentOS:
      yum install mapr-storm-supervisor
  4. Install the Nimbus and UI packages on one node in your Storm cluster or two separate nodes. The following command installs both packages:
    • On Ubuntu:
      apt-get install mapr-storm-nimbus mapr-storm-ui
    • On RedHat/CentOS:
      yum install mapr-storm-nimbus mapr-storm-ui
  5. If you want to integrate Storm with MapR Streams, install the Streams Client on one node in the Storm cluster.
    • On Ubuntu:
       apt-get install mapr-kafka
    • On RedHat/CentOS:
      yum install mapr-kafka
Once Storm is installed, the executable is located at /opt/mapr/storm/storm-<version>/bin/storm.