Upgrading and your License

After upgrading MapR, the Base License file must be manually updated on all nodes in your cluster.

Important: As of MapR version 5.1, due to the new license categories, you must manually update the Base License file. This applies to all upgrade methods (MapR Installer, scripted rolling upgrade, or manual rolling upgrade).

To update the Base License file, copy the new Base License file from the /opt/mapr/conf.new/ directory to the /opt/mapr/conf/ directory on every node in your cluster.

cp /opt/mapr/conf.new/BaseLicense.txt /opt/mapr/conf/
Note: The BaseLicense.txt file must be copied before starting warden, otherwise, warden must be restarted.

If you are upgrading using the MapR Installer, new features are enabled by default, however, you must also perform post-upgrade steps (such as updating configuration files). See Post-Upgrade Steps for MapR Core for more information.

If you are upgrading using a scripted or manual rolling upgrade method, in addition to updating the Base License file, you must update configuration files as well as enable new features. See Configuring the New Version for more information.

MapR Streams Module

If you are upgrading from the Enterprise Database Edition (M7) to the Converged Enterprise Edition and want to utilize the MapR Streams module, you must purchase additional licensing. In this case, you will be issued a new license to apply. See Managing Licenses for more information.

License Editions

As of 5.1, MapR licenses are categorized by new editions and modules that further define the features supported by an edition. See the following table for descriptions of the new license options:

License Edition Description
Converged Community Edition An unlimited, free, community-supported MapR edition with one free NFS Gateway. This edition includes Hadoop, MapR-DB, and MapR Streams. However, real-time global replication of MapR-DB tables or MapR Streams is not included.
Converged Enterprise Edition MapR Edition that enables enterprise class features such as high availability, multi-tenancy, and disaster recovery. Each of the following modules for the Converged Enterprise Edition unlocks a portion of the total platform capabilities:
Enables enterprise class features for analytic use cases, such as highly-available NFS and support for Hadoop services like YARN and MapReduce.
Enables enterprise class features for operational NoSQL database, with MapR-DB JSON and binary tables, and real-time global database replication.
Enables enterprise class features for publish/subscribe event streaming, with MapR Streams and real-time global stream replication.

License Mapping

With the release of 5.1 and MapR Streams, the licensing model has been simplified, allowing more choice in which specific features are licensed on a cluster. See the following table to understand how the new MapR licenses correspond to the legacy license editions that you are familiar with:

Legacy Edition New Edition & Module(s)
M3 or Community Edition Converged Community Edition. Starting in 5.1, the Converged Community Edition includes MapR Streams.
M5 or Enterprise Edition Converged Enterprise Edition with Hadoop Module.
M7 or Enterprise Database Edition Converged Enterprise Edition with Hadoop and Database modules.