Performing MapR Installer Pre-Upgrade Steps

When you use the MapR Installer to upgrade the MapR Core, the ecosystem component packages in the cluster are also upgraded. The MapR Installer does the following things during an upgrade:
  • Automatically upgrades ecosystem components to the latest available MapR version of that component.
  • Forces the upgrade of ecosystem components when the existing versions are not compatible with the new MapR version.
  • Allows you to upgrade existing ecosystem components if newer version are available.
Note: You may need to upgrade a supported version of an ecosystem component to a more recent supported version in order to ensure cross-compatibility among the ecosystem components in the cluster.

See the Ecosystem Support Matrix for more information on which ecosystem components are supported with the version of MapR that you are upgrading to and to check for compatibility between ecosystem components.

For each ecosystem component that is installed in your cluster, complete the applicable pre-upgrade steps in the following topics: