Post-Upgrade Steps for HBase

After you upgrade HBase with the MapR Installer, perform the following steps.

  1. Migrate Custom Configurations (optional).
    Migrate any custom configuration settings into the new default files in the conf directory (/opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-<version>/conf/).
  2. If the Hbase Thrift Server is installed, you will need to restart it.
    maprcli node services -name hbasethrift -action restart -nodes
  3. If HBase REST Server is installed, perform the following steps:
    1. Update the values of the following properties in /opt/mapr/conf/conf.d/warden.hbaserest.conf to reflect the new HBase version:
      • service.command.start
      • service.command.stop
      • service.command.monitorcommand
      • service.logs.location
        For example, if you upgraded to HBase 0.98.12, the values should be set as follows:
        service.command.start=/opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.98.12/bin/ start rest -p 8080 --infoport 8085
        service.command.stop=/opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.98.12/bin/ stop rest
        service.command.monitorcommand=/opt/mapr/hbase/hbase-0.98.12/bin/ status rest
    2. Restart the HBase REST Server:
      maprcli node services -name hbaserest -action restart -nodes