Post-Upgrade Steps for Sqoop

After you upgrade Spark with the MapR Installer, perform the following steps.

Post-Upgrade Steps for Sqoop1

Migrate Custom Configurations.
Migrate any custom configuration settings into the new default files in the conf directory (/opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/conf/).

Post-Upgrade Steps for Sqoop2

  1. If Sqoop was upgraded to a newer component version, copy the repository backup into the sqoop directory ( /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>) for the new version.
  2. On each Sqoop2 server node, run the upgrade utility.
    /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/bin/sqoop-tool upgrade

    When the upgrade utility completes successfully, the following message displays: Tool class has finished correctly.

  3. If Sqoop is not running, start the Sqoop Server.
    maprcli node services -name sqoop2 -action start -nodes <space delimited list of Sqoop2 server