Scripted Rolling Upgrade Procedure

Follow this procedure to perform a rolling upgrade from Version 4.x or later. This example of running the upgrade utility presents a simple case where the upgrade is run as root, and the root username and password are requested interactively. Examples with other credentials are shown later.

The upgrade utility has several options. When you run the upgrade, the output describes all of the steps in the upgrade process, and it identifies the groups of nodes where the upgrade will run before it upgrades them.

  1. Download the mapr-setup package and the tar file that contains all of the core packages. Download the tar file to a server on the cluster that you want to upgrade.
    For example, download the files to a upgrade directory:
    [root@centos24 upgrade]# wget 
    ... Saving to: “mapr-setup”
    [root@centos24 upgrade]# wget 
    ... Saving to: “mapr-v5.1.0GA.rpm.tgz”
  2. As root (or by using sudo), run mapr-setup (which includes the upgrade utility) to extract the files.
    Note: By default, the downloaded mapr-setup file does not have execute permissions. Set permissions before running the script. For example: chmod +x mapr-setup
    # ./mapr-setup
    Self Extracting Install/Patch/Upgrade Utility for MapR
    Extracting installer.......
    Copying setup files to "/opt/mapr-installer"......
    Installed to "/opt/mapr-installer"
    To upgrade MapR packages, run "/opt/mapr-installer/bin/upgrade" as the root
    user or with sudo.
    To apply a patch, run "/opt/mapr-installer/bin/patch" as the root user or with
    To install MapR packages, run "/opt/mapr-installer/bin/install" as the root
    user or with sudo. (Note: This option is deprecated. Use the MapR Installer
  3. Run the upgrade utility from the extracted /opt/mapr-installer/bin/upgrade directory and provide the path to the archive file.
    For example:
    [root@centos24 upgrade]# /opt/mapr-installer/bin/upgrade --archive-file /root/upgrade/mapr-v5.1.0GA.rpm.tgz 
    Current Information (Please verify if correct) 
    ============================================== Upgrade Settings ================
    MapR Administration User: "mapr" Archive File Location: "/root/upgrade/mapr-v5.1.0GA.rpm.tgz" Upgrade Version: "5.1.0" 
    (c)ontinue with install, (m)odify options, or save current configuration and (a)bort? (c/m/a) [c]: 

    The output shown here captures the upgrade operations on the first node in the cluster to be upgraded: centos24.

  4. Enter c to continue the upgrade process, then enter the SSH username and password.
    SSH Username: root 
    SSH password:

    Alternatively, you can specify username and password as part of the upgrade command. The upgrade process begins on the first node.

    * 15:22:49 Checking Connection
    * - 15:22:53 Group by OS Family
    Total Nodes in Zookeeper Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in File Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in Task Tracker Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in Node Manager Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in Job Tracker Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in Resource Manager Server: 0
    Total Nodes in HBase Region Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in HBase Master Servers: 0
    Total Nodes in CLDB Servers: 1
    Now running on CLDB Servers: centos24
    * 15:22:53 Initiating Upgrade
    * - 15:22:55 Determining MapR Version
    * - 15:22:58 Group by OS Family
    * 15:22:58 Commencing Upgrade on RedHat/CentOS
    * - 15:23:00 Determining if Node has a Tasktracker Role
    * - 15:23:02 Determining if Node has a CLDB Role
    * - 15:23:06 Determining if Node has Warden Present
    * - 15:23:11 Determining if Node has Zookeeper Present
    * - 15:23:13 Cleaning up Existing Package Archive Directory
    * - 15:23:15 Creating Archive Directory, If needed
    * - 15:23:18 Copying and Extracting MapR Package Archive File
    * - 15:25:21 Determining if a Patch has been applied before
    * - 15:25:23 Determining Hadoop Mode (Yarn vs Classic)
    * - 15:25:27 Blacklisting TaskTracker. New Jobs will not be assigned to the node
    * - -    [Skipping]
    * - 15:25:27 Waiting for the Node to be available for Upgrade
    * - -    [Skipping]
    * - 15:25:27 Setting Node in Maintenance
    * - -    [Skipping]
    * - 15:25:27 Notifying CLDB about Begining Upgrade Process on the Node
    * - 15:25:32 Stopping all MapR Services
    * - 15:26:07 Removing Patch, if Exists
    * - -    [Skipping]
    * - 15:26:07 Upgrading Packages
    * - 15:28:51 Configuring Node
    * - 15:28:59 Starting Zookeeper Service
    * - 15:29:02 Starting all MapR Services
    * - 15:29:11 Waiting for CLDB to come online
    * - 15:34:50 Bringing Node back from Maintenance
    * - -    [Skipping]
    * - 15:34:50 Instructing CLDB about Upgraded Version
    * - 15:34:57 Notifying CLDB about Completion of Upgrade Process on the Node
    * - 15:35:02 Waiting for Containers to Sync
    * - 15:37:05 Removing Node from Tasktracker Blacklist
    * - -    [Skipping]
    MapR Rolling Upgrade Process has been completed successfully on centos24.

    The upgrade process continues on the next node.

  5. Configure the new version.