Upgrading Ecosystem Components Manually

Under the following conditions, you might need to upgrade ecosystem components:
  • You are upgrading the MapR Cluster.
  • Other ecosystem components were upgraded to later versions and you want to ensure cross-compatibility among the ecosystem components in the cluster.
  • You want to re-install a component for some reason, such as installation file corruption.

MapR re-releases major versions of ecosystem products on a monthly basis. If you have an existing version of a component that matches a major supported version of that product.

In general, to upgrade to a minor version, a package upgrade may be all that is required. If you need to upgrade to the next major version, you may need to also migrate configuration files and upgrade metadata.

  1. If you are upgrading MapR and ecosystem components, complete the MapR Core upgrade first, and then upgrade each ecosystem component.
  2. Follow the ecosystem upgrade procedure based on the version you are upgrading from.
    • Upgrading from 3.x: Upgrade all ecosystem packages, regardless of the ecosystem version you are running. Install the same version (or a later 5.x supported version) of the ecosystem package on the upgraded cluster.
    • Upgrading from any other version: Refer to the Interoperability Matrix to see which ecosystem components are supported with the version of MapR that you upgraded to.
  3. To upgrade to a major version, refer to the Ecosystem topics for details on how to upgrade each component. To upgrade to the lastest minor version:
    1. Verify that your repository is configured to get the latest packages.
    2. Determine the package name and major version of the component that is currently running on your machine.
      • On RedHat/Oracle Linux/CentOS:rpm -qa | grep 'mapr'
      • On SUSE: rpm -qa | grep 'mapr'
      • On Ubuntu: dpkg --list 'mapr-*'
    3. Upgrade the package.
      • On RedHat/Oracle Linux/CentOS:yum update mapr-<packageName-majorVersion>*
      • On SUSE:zypper update mapr-<packageName-majorVersion>*
      • On Ubuntu:apt-get install mapr-<packageName-majorVersion>*
      For example, to upgrade to the latest hive 13 from hive-13-1405, run yum update mapr-hive-0.13*
  4. Upgrading Clients.