Upgrading with the MapR Installer

If the cluster that you want to upgrade was installed using the MapR Installer, you can use the MapR Installer to upgrade the cluster. This includes upgrading MapR core, enabling support for new MapR core features, and upgrading ecosystem components that run in your cluster.

  1. Update the MapR Installer. For more information, see Updating the MapR Installer.
    These steps ensures that the MapR Installer will have access to the latest packages.
  2. Verify that your cluster is prepared for an upgrade.
    Warning: Service failures, job failures, or the loss of customized configuration files may occur if you do not perform the steps to prepare the cluster for an upgrade.
  3. Halt jobs and applications. Stop accepting new jobs and applications and stop YARN applications.
    # yarn application -list
    # yarn application -kill <ApplicationId>

    You might also need specific commands to terminate custom applications. The MapR Installer waits for MRv1 jobs to complete before it begins the upgrade.

  4. Launch the MapR Installer URL ( https://<hostname/IPaddress>:9443)
  5. Select the option to upgrade the cluster and complete the upgrade.
  6. Once the upgrade through the MapR Installer is complete, perform the MapR Installer post-upgrade steps.