Upgrading without the MapR Installer

If the cluster that you want to upgrade was not installed using the MapR Installer, you need to upgrade without using the MapR Installer. First, you perform an offline or rolling upgrade of the MapR core manually or using a script. Next, you configure the new version to enable support of MapR core features, and finally, you upgrade ecosystem components manually.

When upgrading you can install packages from the following sources:
  • The MapR internet repository
  • A local repository
  • Individual package files

Using a MapR Internet Repository

The MapR repository on the internet provides all of the packages required to install a MapR cluster using native tools such as yum on Red Hat or CentOS, apt-get on Ubuntu, or zypper on SUSE. Installing from MapR's internet repository is generally the easiest installation method, but requires the greatest amount of bandwidth. With this method, each node is connected to the internet to download the required packages.

When setting up a repository for the new version, leave in place the repository for the existing version because you might need to use it again.

Prepare packages and repositories on every node, or on a single node if keyless SSH is set up for the root user.

Using a local repository

You can set up a local repository on each node to provide access to rpm or deb installation packages. With this method, nodes do not require internet connectivity. The package manager on each node installs from packages in the local repository. To set up a local repository, nodes need access to a running web server to download the packages.

Using Individual Package Files

You can download package files, store them locally, and then install MapR from the files. This option is useful for clusters that are not connected to the internet.

Updating the JDK

Check the JDK Support Matrix to verify that your JDK version is supported by the MapR version to which you are upgrading. If your old MapR version was 3.0 and the new MapR version is 5.x, you might need to update JDK 6 to JDK 7 or 8. See the JDK Support Matrix for more information.