Enabling Centralized Logging for MapReduce v2

As of 4.0.2, you can use centralized logging for MapReduce v2 applications but it is disabled by default. In 4.0.1, centralized logging is not supported for MapReduce v2 applications.
Configure the yarn.use-central-logging-for-mapreduce-only property in the yarn-site.xml file to enable or disable centralized logging.
The yarn-site.xml file is located in the following directory: /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.x.x/etc/hadoop/.
  • To disable centralized logging, remove the property yarn.use-central-logging-for-mapreduce-only from the yarn-site.xml or set the value of yarn.use-central-logging-for-mapreduce-only to false in yarn-site.xml.
  • To enable centralized logging, set the value of yarn.use-central-logging-for-mapreduce-only to true in yarn-site.xml. If you enable centralized logging while applications are running, restart all ResourceManagers. In a production cluster, restart ResoureManagers one at a time to prevent interruption to the applications running. The applications running during this process may not have centralized logging enabled.