Setting Up Mirroring to Another Cluster

  1. Use the volume dump create command to create a full volume dump for each volume you want to mirror.
  2. Transport the volume dump to the mirror cluster.
  3. For each volume on the original cluster, set up a corresponding volume on the mirror cluster.
    1. Restore the volume using the volume dump restore command.
    2. In the MapR Control System, click Volumes under the MapR-FS group to display the Volumes view.
    3. Click the name of the volume to display the Volume Properties dialog.
    4. Set the Volume Type to Remote Mirror Volume.
    5. Set the Source Volume Name to the source volume name.
    6. Set the Source Cluster Name to the cluster where the source volume resides.
    7. In the Replication and Mirror Scheduling section, choose a schedule to determine how often the mirror will sync.