Editing the mapr-clusters.conf File

To mirror volumes between clusters, start by editing the mapr-clusters.conf file on the source volume's cluster and create an entry for each additional cluster that hosts a mirror of the volume. The entry must list the cluster's name, followed by a space-separated list of hostnames and ports for the cluster's CLDB nodes. In addition, use the secure parameter to specify whether the clusters are secure or non-secure.
  1. On each cluster, make a note of the cluster name and CLDB nodes (the first line in mapr-clusters.conf)
  2. On each webserver and CLDB node, add the remote cluster's CLDB nodes to /opt/mapr/conf/mapr-clusters.conf, using the following format:
    clustername1  <CLDB> <CLDB> <CLDB>
    [ clustername2  <CLDB> <CLDB> <CLDB> ]
    [ ... ]

    For example, suppose you have a cluster, devcluster1, with two CLDB nodes, devcldb1-1 and devcldb1-2. Now you want to add a second cluster called devcluster2 with CLDB nodes devcldb2-1 and devcldb2-2. Edit the mapr-clusters.conf file and add the line for devcluster2 as shown:

    devcluster1 devcldb1-1:7222 devcldb1-2:7222
    devcluster2 devcldb2-1:7222 devcldb2-2:7222
    Warning: You must include the port number in the CLDB hostname notation.
  3. Set secure=true if both clusters are secure. Set secure=false if both clusters are not secure.
    Warning: Mirroring only works between two secure clusters or between two non-secure clusters. Mirroring does not work when one cluster is secure and the other is not secure.
  4. If you set secure=true, you must generate a cross-cluster ticket before proceeding.
    See Managing Mirror Volumes in Secure Clusters before you initiate a remote mirror.
  5. On each cluster, restart the mapr-webserver service on all nodes where it is running.