Configure the OpenTSDB Service Heap Size

By default, OpenTSDB service is configured to use a maximum heap size of 6 GB. You can edit the warden.opentsdb.conf file on each node to override the default value.

  1. Configure the following properties in the opt/mapr/conf/conf.d/warden.opentsdb.conf file on each node:
    The minimum heap size in megabytes. For example, service.heapsize.min=256.
    The maximum heap size in megabytes. For example, service.heapsize.max=6000. This value must match the value of JVMXMX.
    JVMXMX set with service.env
    The maximum heap size for the service. When you configure the size, specify the value and the unit. For example, service.env=JVMXMX=6000m. This value must match the value set for service.heapsize.max.
  2. Restart the OpenTSDB service.
    maprcli node services -name opentsdb -nodes <space separated list of OpenTSDB nodes> -action restart
Note: These values only control the OpenTSDB service heap size, not the entire amount of memory used by the OpenTSDB service.