Creating a Schedule

You can create a schedule using the schedule create command, or use the following procedure to create a schedule using the MapR Control System.
  1. In the Navigation pane, expand the MapR-FS group and click the Schedules view.
  2. Click New Schedule.
  3. Type a name for the new schedule in the Schedule Name field.
  4. Define one or more schedule rules in the Schedule Rules section:
    1. From the first dropdown menu, select a frequency (Once, Yearly, Monthly, etc.))
    2. From the next dropdown menu, select a time point within the specified frequency. For example: if you selected Monthly in the first dropdown menu, select the day of the month in the second dropdown menu.
    3. Continue with each dropdown menu, proceeding to the right, to specify the time at which the scheduled action is to occur.
    4. Use the Retain For field to specify how long the data is to be preserved. For example: if the schedule is attached to a volume for creating snapshots, the Retain For field specifies how far after creation the snapshot expiration date is set.
  5. Click [ + Add Rule ] to specify additional schedule rules, as desired.
  6. Click Save Schedule to create the schedule.