Adding Volume Permissions in the MapR Control System

Complete the following steps to add volume permissions in the MapR Control System:
  1. Expand the MapR-FS group and click Volumes.
    • To create a new volume and set permissions, click New Volume to display the New Volume dialog.
    • To edit permissions on a existing volume, click the volume name to display the Volume Properties dialog.
  2. In the Permissions section, click [ + Add Permission ] to add a new row. Each row lets you assign permissions to a single user or group.
  3. Type the name of the user or group in the empty text field.
    • If you are adding permissions for a user, type u:<user>, replacing <user> with the username.
    • If you are adding permissions for a group, type g:<group>, replacing <group> with the group name.
  4. Click the Open Arrow ( ) to expand the Permissions dropdown.
  5. Select the permissions you wish to grant to the user or group.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.