Preserving volA/Cluster1's Data

Suppose that volA in the primary datacenter contains crucial data that must be preserved, and you want to mirror its data to volA in the secondary datacenter (the same mirror relationship that was established originally). To recreate the original mirror relationship, convert the promoted volume, volA/Cluster2, from a read-write volume to a mirror of volA/Cluster1 by running the following command:

Cluster2> maprcli volume modify -name volA -type mirror -source volA@Cluster1

To use the MCS to convert volA/Cluster2 from a read-write volume to a mirror of volA/Cluster1, perform these steps from Cluster2:

  1. Select MapR-FS > Volumes from the navigation pane and click on the checkbox next to the read-write volume you want to convert (volA in the example).
  2. Click on the Volume Actions tab and select Make Mirror Volume.

  3. Select MapR-FS > Mirror Volumes and verify that volA on Cluster2 is displayed as a Standard Mirror.