Installing without the MapR Installer

Describes how to install MapR software and ecosystem components manually.

After you have planned the cluster and prepared each node, you can install the MapR distribution from the MapR repository or package files. Installing MapR requires that you perform certain steps on each node. You can install Apache Ecosystem components, such as HBase or Hive after you bring up the cluster.

Warning: Before you install, make sure that all nodes meet the requirements for installation. See Preparing each Node for more information. Failure to prepare nodes is the primary cause of installation problems.

You must also have the following information from your cluster plan when you install:

  • A list of the hostnames (or IP addresses) for all nodes and the services that you want to run on each node.
  • A list of all disks and/or partitions to use on each node.
Note: For information about repositories and packages for MapR software and Hadoop Ecosystem tools, see MapR Repositories and Packages.

To successfully install MapR, complete each step described in subsequent sections.