Installing MapR-XD

Describes how to install MapR-XD software with or without the MapR Installer.

The steps for installing MapR-XD are the same as the steps for installing MapR software, with some exceptions noted below. For more information about MapR-XD, see MapR-XD.

To install MapR-XD, use these steps:

  1. Plan the cluster, and prepare each node using the information in Installing MapR or MEP Components.
  2. Note these considerations for installing with or without the web-based MapR Installer:
    If you are . . . Do this
    Installing with the MapR Installer
    1. Download the MapR Installer. See MapR Installer.
    2. When you run the the installer, specify these values:
      • MapR Version: 5.2.1 or later.
      • Edition: Converged Enterprise Edition.
      • License Option: Apply the MapR-XD license after the installation completes.
      • MEP Version: The MEP version is pre-selected.
      • Auto-Provisioning Template: MapR-XD. You do not need to select any services.
    3. Click Next to advance through the menus, and enable Monitoring for Metrics and Logs.
    Installing without the MapR Installer Use the manual installation steps described in Installing without the MapR Installer to install the MapR 5.2.1 or later packages. Note these considerations for some steps:
    Step 3 Install these MapR 5.2.1 or later packages at a minimum:
    • mapr-core
    • mapr-fileserver
    • mapr-cldb
    • mapr-nfs
    • mapr-webserver
    • mapr-zookeeper
    For information about 5.2.1 or later packages and dependencies, see:
    Step 7 Apply the MapR-XD license.
    Step 8 Follow the steps to set up the MEP repository, which will be used for monitoring. You do not need to install any ecosystem components.
    Step 9 Complete the steps to install MapR Monitoring.
  3. After successfully installing the cluster, configure the cluster and set up clients using this information: