About the MapR Persistent Application Client Container (PACC)

This container gives you seamless access to MapR Converged Data Platform services.

This topic introduces the MapR PACC, including its function, benefits, components, and applications.

The MapR Persistent Application Client Container (PACC) is a Docker-based container image that includes a container-optimized MapR client. The PACC provides seamless access to MapR Converged Data Platform services, including MapR-FS, MapR-DB, and MapR Streams. The PACC makes it fast and easy to run containerized applications that access data in MapR.

FUSE POSIX Client for File-Based Applications

To support persistent, file-based applications, the MapR PACC includes a FUSE-based MapR POSIX Client, optimized for containers, that allows app servers, web servers, and other applications to read and write data directly to MapR-FS. If your cluster has a MapR POSIX Client for Containers license, the PACC can connect with MapR 5.1 or later clusters.

Traditionally, all file data created by containers is lost when a container is terminated, which can happen during an application or hardware failure. By using the POSIX client within the PACC, applications can reliably persist file data directly to MapR-FS, where it can be re-attached to the container in the event of application or hardware failure.

Note: Starting in MapR 5.2.1, each MapR cluster contains 10 free licenses for using the FUSE-based POSIX client with MapR PACC for development purposes only.

Support for Microservice Applications

To support stateful microservice applications, the MapR PACC also contains a container-optimized version of the MapR client, which includes libraries for accessing MapR-DB and MapR Streams.

Secure Access

The MapR PACC is designed to provide access to a secure cluster for all MapR Converged Platform data services. Users can pass a MapR ticket file into the container at runtime. All data access, whether to MapR-FS, MapR-DB, or MapR Streams, is authorized and audited according to the authenticated identity of the ticket file.

PACC Contents

The PACC includes the following components:

  • MapR-DB Client
    • OJAI
    • HBase
    • libhbase
  • MapR Streams Client
  • POSIX Client for Containers
  • Hadoop Client with YARN*
  • HBase Client*
  • Hive Client*
  • Pig Client*
  • Python
  • Java
  • Curl, Wget, Openssl, NFS-common, etc

*Included only if specified and only in MapR PACC images created using mapr-setup.sh.

The following diagram illustrates the contents of the PACC, and how it allows applications to access MapR Converged Data Platform services.

Pre-Built and User-Created Images

To get started with the MapR PACC, you can take advantage of pre-built Docker images or create your own images to include site-specific environmental parameters:

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