Known Issues for Cloud-Based Clusters

Before installing a MapR cluster in the cloud, be sure to review these known issues:

Issue Description
IN-861 NVMe disks in Amazon AWS do not work with Ubuntu 14. As a result, using instance store (ephemeral disks) on Ubuntu 14 is not possible.

Workaround: Use a different disk option, or upgrade to Ubuntu 16, if possible. Ubuntu 16 supports instance store (ephemeral disks).

IN-860 If you create a cluster using a MapR marketplace offering for Amazon AWS and use ephemeral drives, and you then shut down the cluster, most MapR services cannot be restarted. This happens because the disks are new, and the MapR cluster is not aware of the ephemeral drives.

Workaround: Do not use clusters with ephemeral drives, or do not shut down the cluster. When the cluster is not in use, terminate the cluster.

IN-974 If you request public IP addresses for the MapR Installer nodes in Amazon AWS, the IP addresses can change after a shutdown and restart of the cluster, and the MapR Installer status page continues to display the old public IP addresses.

Workaround: None.