MapR Auto-Provisioning Templates

The MapR Installer web interface and reference templates for the cloud-based installations allow you to select from different provisioning options to address a range of computing environments.

MapR Installer 1.6 provides the following auto-provisioning templates:

Name Displayed in AWS Templates As . . . Displayed in Azure Template As . . . Description
MapR Converged Cluster: Batch, interactive and real-time analytics Converged-Platform Converged Platform Deploys YARN, MapR-DB, MapR Streams, Drill, and Spark.
Data Lake: Common Hadoop Services Data-Lake Data Lake Provides the most common services deployed in an Apache Hadoop cluster for getting started with a Hadoop data lake. Includes YARN, MapReduce, Spark, and Hive on top of the MapR Data Platform.
Data Exploration: Interactive SQL with Apache Drill Data-Exploration Data Exploration Provides services needed for users to perform schema-free interactive exploration of their data, including the Apache Drill SQL engine and the Hive Metastore.
Operational Analytics: NoSQL database with MapR-DB Operational-Analytics Operational Analytics Deploys the MapR distributed NoSQL database, providing both JSON and binary data models to enable both operational applications to read and write data at high rates, and analytic applications to perform in-situ data processing.
Real-time Analytics: Spark Streaming and MapR Streams Real-Time-Analytics Real Time Analytics Deploys Spark Streaming and MapR Streams for real-time streaming applications MapR-XD: Cloud Scale Data Platform - Provides common services for MapR-XD (MapR Core, MapR-FS, NFS).
Custom Services Custom-Configuration Custom Configuration Selecting this template allows you to customize the services that are installed. See Customizing Your Deployment by Using the MapR Installer Web Interface.