Install a FUSE-Based POSIX Client

This section describes how to install the POSIX Client package on your machine.

To install mapr-posix-client-* on your machine, where * refers to the basic or the platinum client package, perform the following steps for your version of Linux, as the root user, or using sudo. The package is installed to the /opt/mapr/bin/ directory.

  1. Run the following command to install the POSIX client package on your machine.
    • For CentOS, RedHat, or Oracle Linux
      # yum install mapr-posix-client-*
    • For Suse
      # zypper install mapr-posix-client-*
    • For Ubuntu
      # sudo apt-get install mapr-posix-client-*
    Note: Based on your license type, replace * with basic or platinum.
  2. Run to set this node as the client node.
    For example:
    /opt/mapr/server/ -N <clustername> -C <CLDBhost> -Z <ZooKeeperhost> -c
    Note: With the command, specify -c to set this node as the client node. If CLDB and Zookeeper hosts were specified earlier, then -R must also be specified with To use this client with a secure cluster, add the -secure option to
To use the client: