Drill JDBC Driver

MapR provides a Drill JDBC driver that you can use on all platforms to connect BI tools, such as SQuirreL and Spotfire, to Drill. The Drill JDBC driver provides read-only access to Drill data sources and complies with the JDBC 4.1 data standards, supporting JDBC API version 4.1. You can download and use the Drill JDBC driver provided by MapR (recommended) or use the open-source JDBC driver embedded in Drill, located in the $DRILL_HOME/jars/jdbc-driver directory after you install Drill from the mapr-drill package. Variations between the two drivers are listed below.

Drill provides an ANSI SQL query layer and also exposes the metadata information through an ANSI SQL Standard metadata database called INFORMATION_SCHEMA. The Drill JDBC driver leverages INFORMATION_SCHEMA to expose Drill metadata to BI tools.

Drill 1.10 introduces security features that allow authentication using MapR-SASL, Kerberos, or Plain (basic username and password) authentication.

Driver Installation

For Drill driver installation instructions, see ODBC/JDBC Interfaces in the Apache Drill documentation.

Variations Between the JDBC Drivers

The following table lists the variations between the Drill JDBC driver provided by MapR and the JDBC driver embedded in Drill:

Driver Tested on the MapR Converged Data Platform Indicate Schema in Connection String Supports MapR SASL Supports Kerberos Authentication Supports Plain Authentication
MapR Drill JDBC Driver Yes No* Yes (as of Drill 1.10) Yes (as of Drill 1.10) Yes
Embedded Open-Source JDBC Driver No Yes** No Yes (as of Drill 1.10) Yes
* You cannot indicate a schema in the JDBC connection string, however you can issue the USE command to switch to a particular schema, or you can include the absolute path to a directory when you run a query, as shown in the following example:
SELECT * FROM dfs.`/Users/dev/logs/`;
** You can indicate the schema parameter in the connection string, as shown in the following example:

Download Directories

If you download and use the Drill JDBC driver provided by MapR, rename the embedded JDBC driver files to avoid any conflict between the downloaded driver and the open-source driver. The embedded JDBC driver files are in the following directories after you install Drill:
Changing the file extension to rename these files, as shown in the following example, prevents Drill or any other application, such as SQLLine, from picking up the embedded driver: