New API in Flume 1.7.0

Flume 1.7.0 includes the following new classes and interfaces.

New Classes

Class Description
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.ReliableTaildirEventReader Creates a ReliableTaildirEventReader to watch the directory.
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirMatcher Identifies and caches the files matched by single file pattern for TAILDIR source.
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirSource –°lass is responsible for starting, stoping and configurating taildir source
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirSourceConfigurationConstants Constants used for configuration TaildirSource
org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TailFile –°lass is responsible for reading and writing positions of event
org.apache.flume.auth.KerberosUser Simple Pair class used to define a unique (principal, keyTab) combination.
org.apache.flume.conf.LogPrivacyUtil Utility class to help any Flume component determine whether logging potentially sensitive information is allowed or not.
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.DefaultPathManager Creates the files used by the RollingFileSink.
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.DefaultPathManager.Builder Constructs path manager
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.PathManagerFactory Creates PathManager instances.
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.PathManagerType Enum that specify Builder class
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.RollTimePathManager Appends time to end of file
org.apache.flume.formatter.output.RollTimePathManager.RollTimePathManager.Builder Constructs path manager from given context
org.apache.flume.source.http.BLOBHandler BLOBHandler for HTTPSource that accepts any binary stream of data as event.
org.apache.flume.source.kafka.KafkaSource.Subscriber This class is a helper to subscribe for topics by using different strategies

New Interfaces

Interface Description

Knows how to construct this path manager.

Note: Implementations MUST provide a public a no-arg constructor.