Displaying Table Information

Use either a maprcli command or MCS to display all of the information that MapR-DB stores about a particular table.

  • The amount of data (in bytes) pending replication
  • Whether the insertion order flag is set to true or false, if the table is a JSON table
  • The logical size (in bytes) of the table
  • The number of regions in the table
  • The number of rows in the table
  • The physical size (in bytes) of the table
  • The maximum size (in bytes) of regions of the table
  • The permissions on the table
  • Whether a table is a binary or JSON table
  • Whether auditing is enabled or not
  • Whether autosplitting is on or off
  • Whether the bulkload flag is set or not

maprcli command

Run the command maprcli table info -path <path> -json .

  • For a path on the local cluster, start the path at the volume mount point. For example, for a table named test under a volume with a mount point at /volume1, specify the following path: /volume1/test
  • For a path on a remote cluster, you must also specify the cluster name in the path. For example, for a table named customer under volume1 in the sanfrancisco cluster, specify the following path:/mapr/sanfrancisco/volume1/customer
The json parameter displays the output as a JSON document.


  1. Open the table.
  2. Select any of the labels that are highlighted in the following image.

    Figure: Where to find information about a table