Granting Permissions on Columns or Fields

There are two methods that you can use to grant permissions on columns or fields.

maprcli command

The command to grant permissions on a column is:

maprcli table cf colperm set -path <path> -cfname <name of column family> 
-name <name of column or field> <one or more permissions>

For a full description of this command, see table cf colperm set.


  1. Open the table that contains the columns that you want to grant permissions on.
  2. Click the Column Families tab.

    Figure: Where to find the Column Families tab

You can grant permissions on columns both when you create a column family and by editing an existing column family.

If you are creating a column family:

  1. Click New Column Family.
  2. After setting values for attributes of the column family n the Create Column Family window, click the Add + button in the Column Permissions section of the window to add a column. In the fields that appear to the right, you can grant permissions.

If the column family exists:

  1. Select the column family and click the Edit Column Family button.
  2. In the Column Permissions section, select the column. Use the controls that appear to the right to grant permissions on the selected column.