MapReduce Mode

In the MapR Converged Data Platform, a node can run both MapReduce v1 (MRv1) and MapReduce v2 (MRv2).

When you submit a non-MapReduce application to the the cluster, such as a Spark application, the cluster processes the application using the YARN framework.

For MapReduce programs, you can specify which framework to use by configuring one of the following MapReduce modes:

  • classic: Map Reduce v1 job (Use JobTracker and TaskTracker to run the MapReduce program).
  • yarn: MapReduce v2 application (Use Resource Manager, Node Manager, and the MapReduce ApplicationMaster to run the MapReduce program).

By default, client and cluster nodes submit MapReduce programs to the YARN framework unless you configure them to use the classic framework. Therefore, if you only plan to run YARN applications (MapReduce v2 and other applications that can run on YARN), no change is required.

Note: You may need to recompile existing MapReduce v1 jobs in order to successfully run the job in the cluster.