MapR-DB Overview

MapR-DB is an enterprise-grade, high-performance, NoSQL database management system. You can use it for real-time, operational analytics capabilities.

Why MapR-DB?

MapR-DB is built into the MapR platform. It requires no additional process to manage, leverages the same architecture as the rest of the platform, and requires minimal additional management.
The MapR-DB and Apps section provides information and examples on developing applications for MapR-DB binary and JSON tables. This sections provides information on how to adminster tables, table regions, and column families. The tools for performing administration are the MCS (MapR Control System) user interface and the maprcli. The MapR-DB architecture covers topics associated with database design issues.

How Do I Get Started?

Based on your role, review the MapR-DB documentation. The following table identifies useful resources based on your role.

MapR-DB and Applications Java API Examples for MapR-DB JSON Tables C Application Example for Binary Tables How to Build Applications on a NoSQL Document Database and Perform Analytics in Place High Performance C APIs on MapR-DB Provisioning Secure Access Control in MapR-DB JSON Tables Hbase and MapR-DB: Designed for Distribution, Scale, and Speed Analytics with Drill Analytics with Spark Table Replication concepts Installing MapR Administering MapR-DB maprcli and REST API Syntax Utilities for MapR-DB JSON Tables Utilities for MapR-DB Binary Tables Security Overview

Additional Resources