Deciding Which Streams to Create

Your decision about what streams to create should take into account whatever topics you want to replicate. Replication is between streams, not individual topics.

For example, suppose that you plan to create the stream pollution_monitors to collect various measurements about pollution levels in cities in Europe. However, during a planning session, the representative from Amsterdam says that her country wants to perform analyses of the data for its cities, and would like your company to replicate the data to its own MapR cluster, where its own consumers can read the replicated messages.

You would create a separate stream of topics that contain data from only the pollution sensors in the cities in that country. You might even decide to do the same for each center, in case other centers eventually want to perform their own analyses, too. The streams you might decide to create could be pollution_monitors_netherlands, pollution_monitors_sweden, and so on.

See Replicating MapR Streams for information about setting up and managing replication.