Metering Application Configuration Properties

This section describes the configuration properties of the Metering application.

Metering has the following configuration properties in the resources/ file:

Table 1. Metering Configuration Properties
Property Description Defaults
meteringSparkCollectSparkYarn Metrics Enables collect of Spark Yarn metrics. True
meteringMetricFilePrefix Prefix for the metering file names. metering
trustStoreForMapRServices Location of the MapR truststore. /opt/mapr/conf/ ssl_truststore
trustStoreForInternetServices Location of the Java truststore. {JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/ security/cacerts
maprCliNodeListPageSize Limits the number of nodes returned from each maprcli node list call. 50
cronExpression Sets the cron expression. 0 */12 * * *

(every 12 hours)

meteringDestFs Sets the file system to store metrics data on either the local file system (lfs) or the "mapr.metering" volume within the MapR file system (mfs). lfs
meteringLocalDirPath Location on the local file system where the metrics files are stored. This property is configured if meteringDestFs is set to lfs. ./measurements/
meteringConcurrentMaxThreads Limits the number of concurrent threads used. Metering uses multiple concurrent threads to speed up processing. If the limit for the number of concurrent threads is not enabled, the JVM uses a default execution context to calculate concurrency limits. To limit the number of concurrent threads, remove the commenting out character `#` and supply a value. 10
shouldCollectDrillMetrics Determines whether Drill metrics are collected. True
shouldCollectHiveMetrics Determines whether Hive metrics are collected. True
shouldCollectSparkMetrics Determines whether Spark metrics are collected. True
shouldCollectClusterName Determines whether the cluster name is collected. True
shouldCollectYarnMetrics Determines whether Yarn metrics are collected. True
maxSecondsToWaitForSparkOn YarnMetricsBeforeTimingOut Number of seconds to wait for the Spark nodemanger REST calls. 120