Metering CLI Options

The following table shows the Metering CLI options:

Table 1. Metering CLI Options
Option Description
--capture Captures the metrics and writes to the configured filesystem.
--captureAndUpload Captures the metrics and immediately uploads it (transmits it to MapR).
--configure Performs a user interview to determine the metrics output location and schedule a cron job.
--cron [measureOnly] Sets up the cron job with the default cron expression from resources/

The measureOnly option sets Metering to only collect metrics and not upload.

--help Displays the Metering CLI help.
--outputToConsole Writes the output directly to the terminal. In this mode, a file is not created.
--prepareForOfflineSend [destinationDirPath] Zips all unsent metrics and sends the file to a zips subdirectory within the configured metrics destination directory. If the [destinationDirPath] is provided, the zipped metrics will be sent to that directory instead. This option is used when sending metrics to MapR from an offline (air-gapped) MapR cluster.
Note: The location of the zip file is displayed on the console.
--unschedule Removes the cron job set by the Metering CLI.
--upload Uploads all unsent metrics to MapR's designated metrics collection location. Sent metrics are moved to a sent directory within the configured metrics destination directory.