Archiving CLDB Logs

The CLDB logs can be archived (starting in version 5.2.2) by setting the value for the configuration parameter, cldb.logarchiver.enabled, using the maprcli config save command. The value can be:
  • 0 — disable
  • 1 — enable
  • Enable archiving, run the following command:
    maprcli config save -values '{"cldb.logarchiver.enabled":"1"}'
  • Disable archiving, run the following command:
    maprcli config save -values '{"cldb.logarchiver.enabled":"0"}'

The default value for this parameter is 2, which indicates that the CLDB log archiving is disabled; but on clusters with 50 or more MFS nodes, the CLDB log archiving will be automatically enabled unless the value is explicitly set to 0.

If/when archiving is enabled:

  • All static CLDB log files, except the active cldb.log file, are periodically scanned and archived in /var/mapr/cldblog/<hostname> directory.
  • The filename for the archived log file is autogenerated based on the date and timestamp on the first log line in the file chosen for archival.

    For example, suppose a log file with the following first line:

    2017-04-06 12:42:16,020 INFO CLDB [main]: Loading properties file : /opt/mapr/conf/cldb.conf
    The archived log filename in /var/mapr/cldblog/<hostname> directory will be: 2017-04-06_12.42.16.020