Manage Node Services Pane

The Manage Node Services pane displays the status of each service on the node.

Service The name of each service
  • Configured: the package for the service is installed and the service is configured for all nodes, but it is not enabled for the particular node
  • Not Configured: the package for the service is not installed and/or the service is not configured ( has not run)
  • Running: the service is installed, has been started by the warden, and is currently executing
  • Stopped: the service is installed and has run, but the service is currently not executing
  • StandBy: the service is installed
  • Failed: the service was running, but terminated unexpectedly
Log Path The path to where each service stores its logs
  • click on to stop the service
  • click on to start the service
Restart Click on to restart the service
Log Settings Displays the Trace Activity dialog where you can set the level of logging for a service on a particular node. When you select a log level, all the levels listed above it are included in the log. Levels include:
  • WARN
  • INFO

You can also start and stop services in the the Manage Node Services dialog, by clicking Manage Services in the Nodes view.