Table Replication Error

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These alarms display the paths and names for up to ten source tables that have encountered an error. Errors might be caused by the following conditions:

A missing table or column family on the destination cluster

If a column family no longer exists in the replica, pause replication with the maprcli table replica pause command, recreate the column family with the maprcli table cf createcommand, run the CopyTable utility to copy data from the source table into the column family, and then resume replication with the maprcli table replica resume command.

A mismatch in column family names for the table on the destination cluster

If the column family still exists in the replica but the name of the column family was changed, run the maprcli table cf edit command with the parameter -newcfname set to the correct name. Replication will resume automatically.

Unreachable gateways on the destination cluster

This alarm occurs only if none of the gateways on the cluster are reachable.