What's New in Version 5.2

Provides a summary of new functionality in the 5.2 release

The 5.2 MapR release supplies new features for MapR-DB and MapR-Streams as well as debuting the MapR Monitoring tool that supplies deep monitoring capability across all of your clusters. For Ecosystem components, this release provides breakthrough improvements in deployment, supportability, and stability of Ecosystem components through the new MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) process.

MapR Monitoring

MapR Monitoring (part of the Spyglass initiative) provides the ability to collect, store, and view metrics and logs for nodes, services, and jobs/applications.

Administrators can use dashboards to visualize the metrics and logs. Dashboards can be customized to include metrics across clusters and nodes. Dashboards can also be customized to display metrics for specific services (YARN, Drill etc.). The MapR Community Exchange provides sample dashboards that administrators can use to get started.

MapR Monitoring Architecture describes the open-source components that MapR Monitoring uses to collect, aggregate, store, and visualize metrics and logs. Note that Grafana and Kibana are community supported. For more information about MapR Monitoring, see Using MapR Monitoring (Spyglass Initiative).


JSON Table Replication

This feature supports table replication for JSON tables. To specify the table type, use either the MapR MCS via the Create Table window option, the maprcli table create command with the -tabletype parameter, or the MapR-DB JSON Java API Library.

This feature also supports column-level replication for JSON tables by expanding the -columns option for the following commands:

  • maprcli table replica add
  • maprcli table replica autosetup
  • maprcli table replica edit
For more information, see MapR-DB JSON Tables, table, and table replica
Enhancement for Querying JSON Tables
If the field path that you specify for returning partial documents by using projection does not exist in a document, the query returns the value of the _id field for that document. Also, projecting on the _id field returns only the values of the _id field in the documents.
JSON Table GET/SCAN Behavior Changes
Reading with projected columns will not filter rows which do not have the projected columns. For columns that the user does not have read access to, those columns are assumed to be non-existent in the documents. Since access control over the row-key is not available, even if the user does not have read permissions on any column in a table, the row-key can still be read. This behavior change is applicable to the find() and findById methods of a Table object.
Indexing MapR-DB Binary Tables with Elasticsearch
MapR-DB 5.2 is compatible with Elasticsearch version 2.2, which you can get from https://www.elastic.co/.

MapR Streams Features and Enhancements

Administrator APIs
The Java Admin API has the following administrator functionality:
  • Create topic and stream properties
  • Delete topics and stream properties
  • Edit topic and stream properties
  • Manage topic and stream properties
For more information, see The MapR Streams Java API Library.
Spark-streaming Integration with MapR Streams
Spark-streaming is now fully supported with MapR Streams for production use. For more information, see Integrate Spark with MapR Streams.
Operating System Support
Windows 64 bit and Mac client support has been added.

MapR-FS Features and Enhancements

Hard Links on Files
MapR 5.2 includes support for creating and retrieving hard links, which are directory entries that associate new names with existing files on the file system. For more information, see Hard Links.
Extended Attributes on Files and Directories
MapR now includes support for adding and retrieving extended attributes, which allow user applications to associate additional metadata with a regular file or directory. For more information, see Extended Attributes.
Impersonation for all Users
MapR now includes a new type of ticket, "servicewithimpersonation," that extends impersonation capability to all users. Any user with this ticket can now impersonate other users except the mapr superuser. For more information, see Generating a Service with Impersonation Ticket.
MapR 5.2 also includes:

MapR Expansion Pack (MEP)

MapR 5.2 supports MapR Expansion Packs (MEPs). A MEP provides a set of ecosystem components that work together. These components are fully supported and tested for interoperability. For more information, see MEP Components and OS Support.