Spark SQL Thrift Server

In MEP 3.0, MapR introduces additional security mechanisms for Spark with the Spark SQL Thrift JDBC (Spark Thrift) server. MapR-SASL and Kerberos are supported:

  • For JDBC connections into Spark Thrift server
  • Between Spark and Hive metastore

Spark Thrift was developed from Apache Hive HiveServer2 and operates like HiveSever2 Thrift server. It is supported on secure clusters. You can run the Spark Thrift server and connect to Hive versions supported by Spark 2.1.0 with Business Intelligence (BI) tools or the Beeline command-line tool.

To launch Spark Thrift server, you should perform procedures required to configure Spark to use Hive. After you configure Spark sucessfully, you can configure security specfic to Spark Thrift server.

Known Limitations

  • MapR-SASL support is only implemented for Spark 2.1.0.
  • Username and password authentication through PAM is not supported in MEP 3.0.
  • Only SELECT statements support impersonation usage to access data stored in MapR-FS and/or MapR-DB.
  • Spark Thrift server supports only features and commands in Hive 1.2.
  • Although Spark 2.1.0 can connect to Hive 2.1 Metastore, only Hive 1.2 features and commands are supported by Spark 2.1.0.

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