Post-Upgrade Steps for Sqoop2

Complete the following steps after you upgrade Sqoop2 with or without the MapR Installer.

  1. Perform one of the following steps:
    1. Manually update the file with new options. On each Sqoop2 server node, set the following property in file:
    2. Use the upgrade utility to update the file. On each Sqoop2 server node, run the upgrade utility.
      /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/bin/sqoop2-tool upgrade

      When the upgrade utility completes successfully, the following message displays: Tool class has finished correctly.

    Note: In Sqoop 1.99.6, the file is in the following directory: /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/server/conf/. In Sqoop 1.99.7, the file is in the following directory: /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/conf/.
  2. Optionally, add customized properties from the file that you saved before the upgrade to the new file.
  3. If Sqoop is not running, start the Sqoop Server.
    maprcli node services -name sqoop2 -action start -nodes <space delimited list of Sqoop2 server