Pre-Upgrade Steps for Drill

Complete the following steps before you upgrade Drill with or without the MapR Installer.

You can upgrade Drill 1.8 to Drill 1.9 under Warden or YARN. For example, if you are currently running Drill 1.8 under Warden or YARN, you can upgrade to Drill 1.9 and continue running Drill under the same management service. If you are running Drill under Warden, and you want to run Drill under YARN, see Migrate Drill to Run Under YARN.

When you upgrade, Drill should preserve storage plugin configurations for Drill under Warden or YARN. However, if Drill is managed by Warden, you must backup your configuration files and UDF JAR files and restore them after the upgrade. If Drill is managed by YARN, you do not have to backup and restore the configuration files because the site directory stores them independent of other Drill files.

Complete the following steps on Drill servers before you upgrade Drill:

  1. Optionally, back up storage plugin configurations:
    1. Open the Drill Web Console. The Drill node that you use to access the Web Console is a node that is currently running the Drillbit process.
    2. Click the Storage tab.
    3. Click Update next to a storage plugin.
    4. Copy the configuration to a text file, and save the file.
    5. Repeat steps c and d for each storage plugin configuration that you want to save.
  2. Stop the Drillbit service on all nodes.
    • For Drill under Warden, issue the following command:
      maprcli node services -name drill-bits -action stop -nodes <node host names separated by a space>
    • For Drill under YARN, complete the following steps:
      1. Issue the following command to remove all of the drillbits from the YARN cluster:
        $DRILL_HOME/bin/ --site <path/to/the/site/directory/for/Drill/cluster> resize 0
        Note: Site is the site directory where the site specific files are stored. For example, opt/mapr/drill/site. If you have multiple Drill clusters running under YARN, repeat steps a and b for each cluster.
      2. Issue the following command to shutdown the Drill Application Master:
        $DRILL_HOME/bin/ stop --site <path/to/the/site/directory/for/Drill/cluster>